The Vitality Index's metrics are available in their entirety on this website, which is formatted to dynamically display on a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. In addition, a booklet version of the Index is available for download below as either an interactive PDF or in ready-to-print book form.

Western North Carolina Vitality Index

WNC Vitality Index (on-screen version) (26.45 MB)

Optimized for viewing on a computer or tablet. Includes hyperlinks within the document for easy navigation.

WNC Vitality Index (printable version) (107.87 MB)

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A variety of resources relating to the Vitality Index are available for download below. These include promotional materials, such as general information sheets and topical posters, as well as pamphlets that show how the Vitality Index can be used to illustrate meaningful relationships among the natural, human, built, and economic aspects of the Western North Carolina community. Additionally, supporting data used to create all content for the Vitality Index is accessible by download to the community, to encourage further collaboration.

General Information

WNC Vitality Index factsheet   WNC Vitality Index general information brochure   WNC Vitality Index information postcard


WNC Vitality Index Water pamphlet  WNC Vitality Index Housing pamphlet   WNC Vitality Index Cultural Heritage pamphlet WNC Vitality Index Health pamphlet WNC Vitality Index Forest Health pamphlet


WNC Vitality Index Overview poster

WNC Vitality Index Economic Development poster WNC Vitality Index Ecosystems poster WNC Vitality Index Energy poster WNC Vitality Index Health poster WNC Vitality Index Housing poster


Natural Environment master spreadsheet (xlsx, 71KB)

Human Environment master spreadsheet (xlsx, 119KB)

Built Environment master spreadsheet (xlsx, 218KB)

Economic Environment master spreadsheet (xlsx, 198KB)