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Land Cover

The vegetation, structures, or other features that cover the land.

Land Use

The economic use to which land is put.

Land Use Change

The conversion of forest into agricultural or developed land.


An informal term for a wide variety of mass movements and processes involving the downslope transport, under gravitational influence, of soil and rock material en masse. The term “slope movement,” rather than "landslide" (Varnes, 1987), is preferred by the NCGS in order to include all mechanisms of slope movement by flowing, falling, or sliding.


Topographic data obtained by a Light Detecting And Ranging method (airborne laser altimetry) and provided by the North Carolina Floodplain Mapping Program at 20 foot (6 meter) pixel resolution.


A sedimentary rock consisting predominantly of calcium carbonate.


The description of rocks, especially in hand specimen and in outcrop, on the basis of such characteristics as color, mineral composition, and grain size.