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Natural Environment

From the pristine streams and rivers to the towering Blue Ridge Mountains, this analysis of Western North Carolina’s natural resources reports on the vitality of our topography, geology, and biological resources, and the state of our weather and climate, water quality, and air quality.

Human Environment

With generations of experience honed down to an efficient craft, local music, art, heritage, and spiritual values are important elements that reflect all Western North Carolinians. This study observes the region through a lens focused on our population, human health, education, and culture.

Built Environment

Looking at the region’s status on land use, housing, transportation, water supply, energy, and natural stressors, hazards, and risks, this analysis covers the places we work, shop, play, travel, and live. Through careful planning, these uses can be balanced to minimize their environmental impacts in order to ensure a lasting and productive community.

Economic Environment

A look at the region’s standing on income and poverty, employment, agriculture, forestry, and tourism is essential to promoting a locally healthy and resilient economy.